Monday, April 6, 2015

more Japanese mythology one-shots

More mini scenes from Japanese mythology I did for an anime convention I recently attended (my first art booth, yay).


Copic markers on 4"x6" bristol. 

Atsuuikakura is a creature from Ainu mythology. It is a profound, life-changing story of a dead woman's haunted undergarments washing ashore and transforming into a giant human-eating sea cucumber by night. 

 Copic markers on 4"x6" bristol.

The Kappa is a bizarre and whimsical critter who is fond of sumo, cucumbers, and luring people and horses into water to drown them so they can rip their livers out through their buttholes. 

"Yuki Onna"
Copic markers on 4"x6" bristol.

The snow woman. His body is freeze to death.

"Ao Oni, Aka Oni"
Copic markers on 4"x6" bristol.