Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Fight Bird" and "Space Bird"

I recently joined the BirdWhisperers Project. Every month the Birb Council selects a photo (with permission) of a certain bird, and the group members do a piece based on the photo.

"Fight Bird" (Grey Jay/Whiskey Jack) was my December 2016 entry. The Whiskey Jack is a small bird that looks like it can, and will, fight everything, and pretty much summed up my feelings about 2016 in general.
Ink and graphite on 6"x8" mixed media paper

The common raven was selected as our first bird for 2017. Corvids are some of my favorite birds, based mostly on their willingness to prank and tr0ll other birds and spread general birb anarchy.
"Corvus" ("Space Bird")
Colored pencils, ink, Copic markers and metallic gold and silver paint pens on 9"x12" bristol.